Hollabaugh Brothers & Associates Showcases Watts Solutions in Seattle

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On October 6, at Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, manufacturers’ representative firm Hollabaugh Brothers & Associates brought together 100 specifying engineers and facility managers to experience the broad range of Watts products, integrated system solutions, and design resources. Themed “Your Connection to Innovative Water Solutions,” the event also offered three CEU courses – on rainwater harvesting, digital mixing technology, and the use of automatic control valves (ACVs) in commercial high-rise buildings.

“As event co-hosts, we enjoyed the opportunity to talk with guests about Watts technologies and solutions specifically designed to support the design and management of plumbing systems in commercial and institutional buildings,” said Andrew Windsor, Watts Senior Vice President, Sales. “And we affirmed our commitment to providing the technical resources, training, and tools they need to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies.”

Watts presented solutions that meet drainage, acid waste removal, water filtration, flow control, rainwater harvesting, and other critical plumbing requirements and gained insight into some of the biggest challenges specifying engineers and facility managers are facing. Armed with new knowledge, they will be prepared to choose the best possible solutions for their system design and management needs.

About Watts Water Technologies

Watts Water Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a world leader in the manufacture of innovative products to control the efficiency, safety, and quality of water within residential, commercial, and institutional applications. The company’s expertise in a wide variety of water technologies makes it a comprehensive supplier to the water industry. For more information, visit www.wattswater.com. 

About Hollabaugh Brothers & Associates

Hollabaugh Brothers & Associates is a stocking manufacturers’ representative for the wholesale plumbing and HVAC industries in the Pacific Northwest. The firm has supplied contractors, builders, and wholesalers with the finest products since 1945. Hollabaugh has represented Watts products for 35 years. For more information, visit http://hbarep.com.

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