New Sioux Chief Product PEX Chair

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Sioux Chief’s PEX Chair™ supports 3/8″ through ¾” PEX supply lines and keeps tube in place during the concrete pour. PEX Chair organizes tube in parallel or offset configurations making installations quick and easy.Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, recently added the PEX Chair™ slab organizer as part of its continuing effort to expand offerings of versatile and innovative products.The PEX Chair is designed to support single 3/8″ through ¾” PEX supplies on residential or commercial, multi-floor construction projects. Multiple PEX Chair units can be connected in parallel or offset configurations by its interlocking tongue and groove feature. The raised midsection allows concrete to easily flow through and around the device, and its rear contour is designed for abutting to vent pipes. Other features include a rebar receiver for ground staking, as well as height adjustment for pre-cast deck over pours. The angled design and hook feature at the top of the unit makes it easy to install PEX without kinking and holds the tube vertically in place through the completion of the concrete pour.

Source: New Sioux Chief Product: PEX Chair™ | Sioux Chief Blog

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