Slick Grip Nitrile Double Coated Gloves

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Galeton, a leading supplier of quality work gloves and personal protective equipment, has recently introduced the #12835 Galeton Slick Grip™ Nitrile Double Coated Gloves.

Slick Grip™ Nitrile Double Coated gloves are fully waterproof and provide resistance to solvents and chemicals. A special micro-textured, non-slip grip finish allows for dexterous superior grip in oily and wet applications. This outer layer of non-slip grip is only applied to the palm side and fingertips where it is most needed and so that flexibility maximally enabled. The inner layer of smooth nitrile coating covers the entire glove for 11 inches of liquid protection.

These gloves are ideal for industrial painting, cleaning, automotive use, farming, gardening, pest control and landscaping.

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