21st Century Plumbing

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Living in the 21st century it’s not always easy to keep up with all the innovativeness being thrown around. Everyday the world is introduced to new inventions which throw the old ones under the bus, never to be used again. Due to the fast rate of recent inventiveness, most products tend to be off the shelves in no time for their newer bigger brother to reign supreme. It has been this way for a long time, and the only way to stay ahead is to build products that keep their niche within the industry they are sold. One industry has stood out, releasing newer and bolder equipment to their consumers for affordable everyday prices, the plumbing industry. Below is a list of the top 10 plumbing products of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


  1. PEX Pipe – Throughout a half century of pivotal usage in Europe, this tubing has slowly but surely made its way to America. PEX tubing has become the single-most used product in the plumbing industry today, due to its variety of features at a fair cost. Virtually replacing the likes of Copper and CPVC, PEX pipe offers all the same advantages with plenty to spare. At nearly one-quarter the price of Copper pipe, PEX piping offer consumers’ easy installation, freeze-burst resistance, longevity, and most importantly the ability to install without any experience necessary.
















  1. Tankless Water heater – Tankless water heaters have securely positioned themselves among this list, through sheer science and overall production. These water heater units are able to fit inside confined spaces; where they are connected to either a natural gas or electrical supply, to convert cold water to any temperature pre-determined by the consumer. The tankless water heater provides instant never ending hot water supply to any fixture it is installed to. Tankless offers all the advantages of a conventional water heater, minus all the necessary space to install one.

















  1. Push-Fit Fittings – Fitting are installation products used too connect different plumbing pipes to form one solid piece of piping. They can be used to connect two different types, and usually require a professional to solder, glue, or use another connection method for proper installation. With the invention of push-fit fittings, the professional aspect of connecting two pipes has flown out the window. A simple push of the piping into its corresponding size on a push-fit fitting allows for a tight, secure, and properly connected component. This method of connecting a system has grown quite popular in the industry today, attaining interest from not only plumbers, but Do It Yourselfers (DIY) as well.

















  1. Anti-Siphon Freeze-Proof Sillcocks- Sillcocks used to be re-installed annually due to frigid weather conditions causing breaks and cracks in the equipments. This faltering eventually led to the invention of the Frost Proof Anti-siphon Sillcock faucets we are endowed with today. These Sillcocks are used to prevent the water line from freezing in the winter cold, along with restricting unsanitary water from contaminating the system. These advantages are the key to avoiding costly home repairs, and that’s why these Sillcocks made the cut.
















  1. Automatic Sump Pumps with Back-Up Battery – Sump Pumps are electronically functioning pumps used to remove excess water from a designated area. Their utilization is necessary to get rid of leaks, floods, and many other water related incidents. In some instances harsh weather conditions can cause a residence to not only flood, but lose power in the process. That’s when this little piece of equipments shines brightest. Equipped with a back up battery, this device is the perfect for accommodating its consumer regardless of the circumstances. This capability earns it a spot on the top 10 roster.


sump pumps














  1. Macerating toilet – A Macerating toilets is available at all fixture depots where regular toilets are being sold. What makes them special is their ability to degrade any waste sent through the toilet, allowing the consumer to never have the need for a plunger in the residence. Most macerating units function by using a blade to chop down all human waste and toilet paper, in return attaining a smooth comfortable flush every time. A clogged toilet can cost hundreds of dollars to be fixed by a professional. Installing a macerating unit allows many advantages over a long period of time, making it fit perfectly into the 21st century plumbing products.


















  1. Repair clamp – Repair clamps are specifically designed to lock in and hold the pressure and components of a broken or leaking pipe. These clamps are pulled around the pipe and securely tightened using various methods usually utilizing bolts. This allows for easy and quick adjustments to the problem, as opposed to having to re-pipe the damaged area. Considered extremely cost and time effective when compared to other methods, the repair clamp is constantly being utilized by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.













  1. Kinetic water Ram – A Kinetic Water Ram is exactly what the 21st century has expected from plumbing innovators. Through the utilization of kinetic energy, this device sends compressed air through the system to break the stoppage. This device can be used with sinks, toilet, and even tubs to quickly and cleanly get rid of clogs and build up. Pump, place, and snap the trigger to release a force of kinetic energy to unclog numerous fixtures? That’s why this product will continue to make the cut for our 21st century plumbing products.












  1. Leak-Seal Tape – Tape is used on a global scale for quick fixes on a variety of different products. Probably the handiest tape to have around is leak-seal tape, which can provide a moisture and chemical resistance barrier to the product while adding corrosion protection. This tape is perfect for everyday fixes such as leaking pipes, faltered hoses, and even exposed electrical wires. For the price it’s being sold, and the abundance of applications it can be applied to Leak-seal tape that proven its value over and over again.















  1. Electric Pipe heating cables – Electric Pipe heating cables are only utilized during the cold months of the winter, where the piping in a system is expected to freeze. These cables are wrapped around a pipe and turned on using basic electricity to provide the piping with a freeze-proof resistance. If these safety precautions aren’t taken, the piping could freeze, eventually bursting and causing the owner to shell out big bucks on hefty repairs.

















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