3 Trends in Decorative Plumbing and Lighting

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A comfy home creates a sense of security, assurance, and ambiance. Beyond functionality, lighting and plumbing fixtures are in the fashion-forward category, adding to the overall home’s design. As homeowners become more design-conscious, brands are creating unconventional fixtures that turn homes into chic sanctuaries. Here are a few trends in decorative lighting and plumbing.

1.      Modern Farmhouse Theme

The trendy modern farmhouse theme holds a firm grip on plumbing and lighting, blending modern and vintage styles. The oversized lighting fixtures create a spectacular statement, best demonstrated when combining three large pendants over your kitchen island.

This style is prominent in the kitchen and can be seen in sinks and faucets. Typically, Apron sinks are stylish and functional, providing an ideal space for food prep in any home. The generous combination of stainless steel and brass plumbing fixtures creates a practical and chic look in the kitchen.

However, the kitchen and bathroom are prone to fast-paced trends that can fade into oblivion, making your space look dated quickly. It’s important to carefully combine your options to ensure the best looks.

2.      Matte Black Plumbing Fixtures

Matte black is a tried and tested design trend across popular plumbing and lighting fixtures. Contemporary design enthusiasts love the minimalist style due to its ability to blend with cozy accessories. The design element is best implanted in bright, airy spaces like outdoor living spaces with low voltage LED deck lights.

Particularly, white surfaces and matte black faucets give your kitchen or bathroom a stylish touch. The design can neatly unify cabinetry hardware, adding character to a neutral space. Besides their outstanding functionality, the plumbing fittings are versatile, making them ideal for people who want to incorporate different design accents in their homes. Typically, you can mix and match sinks with gold and stainless steel shades. But if you want to create a timeless statement, you can combine warmer shades with cooler options like chrome.

3.      Warm Gold and Soft Pastels

Gold finishes are timeless, but softer shades dominate plumbing and lighting fixtures. Combining gold and honey tones with a brushed finish gives your home a soft feel. And since a careful blend of metal fixtures can create an eclectic feel in your space, placing warm metals against cooler ones creates a rich visual appeal.

However, gold fixtures are best paired with matte black in neutral spaces to create an awe-striking contrast. Regardless, keep the design subtle to ensure cool and warm tones don’t compete for attention.

Mute color palates create a calming effect, transforming your home into a peaceful abode. The trendiest pastel shades in lighting fixtures include softer hues like creamy mint, millennial pink, and robin egg blue. The design works best in pendant lights hanging over a statement kitchen island or flush mounts in the stairway to create ambiance. The trend blends well with transitional spaces in coastal living designs.


While some people still cherish conventional designs, more homeowners seek trendy and stylish designs that create a contemporary feel. Plumbing and lighting fixtures from popular brands demonstrate endless possibilities with different accents, color shades and designs.

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