3 Ways to Increase Sales and Customer Service for Your Plumbing Wholesale Company

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Sales in the plumbing trade are less but upselling and rather about how you can build a good relationship to keep tradespeople coming back and retail customers if applicable. It is about maximizing your sales and offering people something they can’t get anywhere else.

With many big box brands ready to dominate the market and offering the tools of the trade for less than independent wholesalers, how exactly can you carve out repeat custom without undercutting yourself?

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Bigger companies may offer better prices, but you can offer a wealth of knowledge from your experience in the trade. It is a personal touch that makes people keep coming back to you and pointing them in the right direction to use the best products for the job is one way to make sure this happens. With a valid reason for purchasing specific tools or products and explaining the differences, you can start building a relationship that encourages repeat custom.

Use this interaction to gently upsell by enquiring about other facilities in the home, such as their HVAC setup, water quality, or drainage. If you offer these services, you can book a job or at least supply the equipment to fix any other plumbing issues.


Are you a word-of-mouth company? If so, you need to spread the word to a wider audience by taking your wholesale company online. So many people fancy themselves as DIY plumbers, and capitalizing on the frequent google searches that attest to the many home DIY plumbing repairs can offer you an outlet to move goods to the general public, not just trade.

Of course, having a physical location is ideal for plumbers to grab when they need it for urgent and emergency jobs, but having a fully SEO-optimized website can help you cast a wider net and reach plumbers and DIYers further afield.

Another tip is to create how-to content for your website or social media accounts for those easy home DIY tasks such as replacing seals or unblocking sinks. Recommend the right products for the job in each post and detail why they are recommended. People are more likely to purchase a product if they know why they need to purchase it.


Hand in hand with online sales is shipping. There are different options for shipping and many different companies you can choose for your deliveries. Assess your needs and get quotes from companies that can offer you the best price and shipping options for your needs.

Are you considering offering international shipping? Choose the leading customs broker in the country to help you meet your legal requirements for international shipping options, and you make the customs process easier and straightforward.

Can you offer a delivery service within a set mine radius for same-day deliveries for local orders? Typically most plumbing call-outs will tend to be emergencies, and as such, the contractor or homeowner will be looking to get the tools or parts they need quickly. Delivering to them at an agreed location can give you an advantage over those who require in-person collection from a warehouse or retail store.

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