Milwaukee® Introduces INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers

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Milwaukee Tool continues to expand their Hand Tool offering and INKZALL™ Jobsite Marking Solutions with the new INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers.  Like all Milwaukee INKZALL™ markers, named for their ability to write through dusty, wet or oily surfaces, these new products are designed for the toughest of jobsite surfaces. Specifically, the INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers are optimized for darker jobsite surfaces such as black pipe and structural steel, with extreme temperature (up to 300°F) and weather exposure.

INKZALL™ Jobsite Markers have set a new industry standard for marking tool performance on the jobsite. The INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers raise the bar once again by featuring high performance paint and wear-resistant acrylic tips for writing on the dirtiest, hottest and roughest of surfaces. The high performance paint also creates the longest lasting marks that are both water and UV resistant. Furthermore, the optimized proprietary paint has an industry-best 10 second drying time to reduce smearing markings.

For added user convenience, the INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers are designed with a textured barrel that makes the markers easy to use when wearing gloves, and an anti-roll design prevents rolling around on work surfaces. Available colors include white, yellow, black, red, green, blue and orange.

In addition to the launch of the new liquid paint solutions, Milwaukee will also introduce metallic silver and gold markers to its current INKZALL™ lineup. All Milwaukee INKZALL™ solutions were designed from the ground up with the professional tradesman in mind.

INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Marker Model Options
48-22-3712      1PK INKZALL™ White Paint Marker
48-22-3722      1PK INKZALL™ Yellow Paint Marker
48-22-3711      (12) INKZALL™ White Paint Marker
48-22-3721      (12) INKZALL™ Yellow Paint Marker
48-22-3731      (12) INKZALL™ Black Paint Marker – Coming in May
48-22-3741      (12) INKZALL™ Red Paint Marker – Coming in May
48-22-3751      (12) INKZALL™ Green Paint Marker – Coming in May
48-22-3761      (12) INKZALL™ Blue Paint Marker – Coming in May
48-22-3771      (12) INKZALL™ Orange Paint Marker – Coming in May

INKZALL™ Metallic Fine Point Marker Model Options
48-22-3121      2PK INKZALL™ Silver Fine Point Markers
48-22-3122      2PK INKZALL™ Gold Fine Point Markers
48-22-3123      2PK INKZALL™ Silver/Gold Fine Point Markers


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