3/8” Size to CTS Range Fittings From John Guest USA

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John Guest® expands the White CTS Twist and Lock® fittings range to now include the 3/8” size to several products including the Union Tee, Elbow, and Coupler.

Used in the Domestic Plumbing Market, this new size can further provide users with the ease of quick installation and disconnection purposes due to JG’s innovative push-fit technology. The CTS range of fittings are suitable for both Hot and Cold water plumbing and Hydronic Heating applications. Easily connect the 3/8” fitting to any combination of CPVC, PEX, or Copper tube sized (CTS) piping to obtain a leak-proof connection. No tools or glue are needed proving to be cost and time effective. Both lead-free and non toxic, the fittings also feature JG Twist and Lock® technology guaranteeing users with extra security.

Now available for sale, these new 3/8” CTS sized fittings are also IAPMO and NSF approved for domestic plumbing in the U.S. and Canada.

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