5 Essential ‘Non-Tool’ Items Every New Plumber Needs

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You have passed your plumbing qualification and it’s time to find a job. Or, you have decided to start your own company. Either way, amazing news. When you are starting out as a plumber, there are some obvious things you need like uniforms, tools, and more than knowledge on how plumbers unclog drains. But, we bet there are items you might forget about other business essentials that can maximize your work and results. 


As a plumber, you will need protective wear for health and safety reasons. Aside from a hard hat, a face covering is a good idea. 

You can wear a Choob to protect you from dust and bacteria while on the job. These are multi-functional, so you can wear them for other purposes. However, they are ideal for plumbers. They cause no fuss and they are tight to the face and won’t fall down while you are mid-task.

Business cards

Having business cards is a great way to get repeat customers. When you have finished the job, you can leave them your business card with your details on so that they can get back in touch with you for future projects. 

If you leave behind a few spare business cards, then they can hand them out to their friends and family so that you can attain more customers. 


Speaking of attaining customers, a website is an ideal marketing tool to attract new customers. Having your name online will grow brand awareness and allow more customers to discover your plumbing business. 

On the website, you can include contact information and prices. You could also offer a booking system so that customers can book a consultation easily without waiting for you to pick up the phone. 

Having a website will also put you higher up on the search rankings. Although your plumbing business and contact details might be in an online directory, it can be lost in the sea of other businesses. Ensure to use good keywords so that customers can find you for specific projects. Furthermore, make sure that it is easy to navigate and a user-friendly website so that customers won’t get frustrated and lose interest. 

Safety gloves

When you are handling tools, it is essential to wear safety gloves. These will protect you in the case of an incident. You may often handle saws, drills, and chemicals, which can harm the skin. 

Rubberized gloves are great to protect you against electricity. Having gloves at hand will ensure that you can always be safe, no matter what job you are doing. 

A mode of transportation

It’s all well and good having the uniform and tools, but it would help to easily be able to get to and from jobs. Having your own mode of transport gives you the freedom to drive around from job to job. You can maximize your business by having a van or car, as you will be able to meet the needs of further away customers. 

If the vehicle is just for business, it can help to add personal branding and contact details. It will act like a moving mode of marketing, which many will notice and remember. 

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