9 Things You Should Know about EZ Series Tankless Water Heaters

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Noritz continues to lead with innovation with the recent unveiling of the newly upgraded EZ Series of Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heaters. These powerful, simple-to-install units provide significant energy and cost-savings to home and small-business owners and feature industry-first technology designed with the owner in mind.

Originally introduced in 2017, the EZ Series is a proven performer, and its many installation advantages are familiar to the American market. But its recent upgrades and updates warrant a closer inspection by even the most experienced professional water heater installers and their customers. Here are nine key features you don’t want to miss!

  1. Easy-peasy installation

The switch from tank to tankless can be daunting, but the EZ Series simplifies the process. The top-mount, hot and cold-water connections eliminate complex, new-plumbing work.

The existing flex vent from the pre-existing tank heater can be repurposed as a chase for the new venting, while the tank unit’s half-inch gas line can also be reused with the new EZ Series models. Taken together, all these benefits add up to time and cost savings for both the installer and the home or business owner.

  1. Seamless adaptation to warmer climates

Any concerns over how a tankless water heater can handle minimal demands for heat — specifically, in warm summer months — can be eliminated with the EZ Series’ new, industry-first Steady BTU (SBTU) Mode.

The burner-control technology in the EZ Series, which offers highly precise control of the combustion process, reduces the effective minimum input by more than two-thirds when incoming water temperatures approach 90ºF. The result? — a minimum input of under 5,000 BTU per hour.

  1. Energy efficiency leader

The Uniform Energy Factor for the upgraded EZ Residential Tankless Series has been boosted from 0.95 to 0.96, an industry-leading rating that results in substantial energy savings and lower monthly fuel bills.

How? With the EZ Series, teamwork makes the dream work with a unique blending of two types of high-grade, stainless-steel heat exchangers that complement each other:

  • The primary heat exchanger contains a higher tensile-strength stainless material that resists heat shock and cracking.
  • The secondary exchanger, which produces acidic condensate when it extracts latent heat from combustion, is also made of a stainless-steel material that resists corrosion and scale buildup.
  1. Streamlined common venting

One of the upgraded EZ Series enhancements is a fully-integrated non-return valve (NRV) that eliminates the need to install the NRV externally between the heater and the common-vent header.

What’s the impact? First and foremost, the NRV is built into the unit, ensuring that the backflow of harmful exhaust from one unit into another non-operating unit will be safely prevented. In addition, installation and cost are significantly reduced.

  1. Extended vent lengths

The EZ Series units can be directly vented, using PVC, CPVC, or rigid polypropylene materials. With a 2-inch pipe, the vent length has been extended from 60 feet to 65 feet. With a 3-inch pipe, the vent length has risen from 100-feet to 150-feet.

  1. Durability backed by an industry-leading warranty

Both of the redesigned stainless-steel heat exchangers carry an industry-best, 25-year warranty, assuring peace of mind for the home or business owner.

  1. All-in-one bundles

For a worry-free installation, both of the upgraded EZ Series models (EZTR50 and EZTR75) are available in “EZTR Bundles” that include everything an installer needs for direct, indoor replacement of 50- and 75-gallon tank-type water heaters.

  1. Flexible placement

The EZ Series models can be installed indoors or outdoors. The choice is yours.

  1. Plethora of accessories

Additional accessories include a remote controller and cord, anchoring screws, and wall-mounting brackets. This bracket makes for easy installation and flexibility in placement as the unit can slide from left to right, which enables the installer to make adjustments post-installation. In addition, it provides space-saving benefits by freeing up valuable floor space.

For more information about the new EZ Series from Noritz, visit: http://www.ezseries.noritz.com.

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