A. O. Smith commercial tankless rack system

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The new A. O. Smith Commercial Rack System, with a wide variety of framework configurations, links as many as 20 high-efficiency, 199,000 BTU condensing tankless heaters and provides commercial contractors multiple installation options including wall-mount, free-standing and back-to-back.

A single A. O. Smith Commercial Rack system can deliver up to 1,592,000 BTUs and can also be paired with a hot water storage unit, giving contractors the most flexibility in designing systems for a variety of applications.

Easy Installation

The A. O. Smith Commercial Rack and Common Venting system simplifies commercial installations by providing contractors prefabricated gas and water lines that link units together. Furthermore, installations using the A. O. Smith common venting system require fewer wall penetrations and less field piping fabrication, according to David Chisolm, vice president marketing for A. O. Smith.

“In addition to giving commercial contractors a hot water solution that saves time and is easy to install, the A. O. Smith Commercial Rack and Common Venting system can integrate seamlessly with a storage tank — making the A. O. Smith rack the most versatile product in its category,” Chisolm said. “With this enhanced flexibility, engineers and contractors can confidently recommend an A. O. Smith rack, powered by energy efficient tankless heaters, for a wide range of commercial and light industrial applications.”

Once bolted in place, the A. O. Smith commercial rack ensures a continuous, reliable supply of hot water. Even during heater maintenance, each unit can be easily isolated while other heaters continue with normal operation.

The A. O. Smith rack is built on a durable, lightweight anodized aluminum frame and connects to schedule 40 PVC pipe for intake and exhaust. The tankless rack works with the industry’s lightest condensing tankless heaters, an A. O. Smith ENERGY STAR® qualified model that achieves an Energy Factor of 0.95.

For more information on A. O. Smith, please visit www.hotwater.com.

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