Airzone Announces Google Nest Thermostat Integration

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Aidoo Pro integration with Nest thermostats ushers in a new era of Inverter/VRF HVAC control and interoperability. 

Airzone Control, provider of HVAC solutions for zoning, automation and smart control, announces a revolutionary new integration with the full portfolio of Nest™ thermostats. The integration between the Airzone Aidoo Pro and Nest smart thermostats (Nest Thermostat™ and Nest Learning Thermostat™) enables seamless bi-directional communication between the Inverter/VRF and mini split HVAC units that are soaring in popularity.

Two Expanding Categories, One Growing Problem

The Inverter/VRF solutions market is expected to reach $31.9 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 12.7 % between 2021 and 2025. The global smart thermostat market is expanding in parallel and expected to triple by 2028 as more users gravitate towards innovative solutions that provide control over a critical component of indoor spaces: heating and cooling. While these are two of the fastest-growing categories in the HVAC industry, there is a costly roadblock.

The core problem stems from these two technologies developing and evolving in insolated environments. These systems fail to communicate complex instructions effectively due to inadequate two-way communication. Without a solution in between, Inverter/VRF and mini split solutions deployed with a smart thermostat are incompatible. The resulting communication breakdown between the two forces the HVAC system to revert back to single-speed operations, undermining the full potential and sophisticated features of the system.

Simplified, smart thermostats and HVAC unit speak different languages. Since Inverter/VRF and mini split HVAC systems are traditionally adjusted by means of their own communication protocol, and the output for the smart thermostat is a dry contact closure, the full picture is never effectively communicated back to the heating/cooling system and critical information is missing. Within this scenario, the smart thermostat is unable to provide information about how hard the system should be working or the deviation from the desired set point temperature. As a result, the system cannot modulate output to precisely match the temperature needs of an environment, and the air handling unit (AHU) becomes forced to operate at maximum capacity, creating inefficiency and discomfort.

The Solution Backed By Expertise

The Airzone Aidoo Pro is a simple-to-install system add-on that sits between the HVAC system and the Nest smart thermostat and serves as a conduit between the world of HVAC and IoT to preserve Inverter/VRF features, benefits, and functionality while meeting user demand for smart control.

Airzone’s exclusive library of manufacturer-certified HVAC protocols enables full bi-directional communication between the Aidoo Pro, the HVAC solution, and the Nest Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat. The Aidoo Pro receives smart thermostat data, interprets it, and then sends the appropriate commands to the Inverter/VRF or mini split unit via system specific, manufacturer-certified protocols. The Inverter/VRF solution continues to function at a variable rate, preserving the superior comfort and efficiency of the system.

Airzone has spent decades cultivating privileged working relationships with the industry’s leading HVAC Inverter/VRF and mini-split manufacturers. The Aidoo Pro has manufacturer-certified HVAC protocols from all leading brands, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Panasonic. Now, with a dedicated integration with Nest, the industry’s most popular smart thermostat solutions can be connected to and properly control Inverter/VRF and mini split HVAC systems using the Aidoo Pro.

“Our integration with the Nest smart thermostats through Aidoo Pro represents an unprecedented leap forward for our industry,” said Antonio Mediato, founder, and CEO of Airzone. “This brings together two of the industry’s fastest growing sectors in a way that was previously thought impossible. With Nest as our valued partner, together we are setting a new standard for the industry and redefining what is possible in the world of HVAC and IoT.”

Both Airzone and Google Nest will be at the upcoming AHR Expo taking place in Chicago January 22-24, 2024. For the opportunity to learn more about the Aidoo Pro/Nest integration in person, be sure to visit Airzone at AHR Expo 2024 at booth S8659 and the Google Nest Pro team at booth N1549.

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