American Standard Press: American Standard Expands Cadet PRO Portfolio of Trade Exclusive Toilets

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American Standard Expands Cadet PRO Portfolio of Trade Exclusive Toilets

New Tank Designs, Colors and Lever Options Added to Trusted, High Performance Cadet PRO Toilet Series

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (December 3, 2013) ― The American Standard Cadet PRO toilet collection has been expanded to provide a full portfolio of five different bowl and tank options, in both standard and water saving models, exclusively for wholesale distribution.

Offering robust metal parts, an oversized 3-inch flush valve and a variety of plumber-recommended special features, this complete assortment of two-piece American Standard toilets is engineered to deliver a lifetime of virtually clog-free performance. This line offers plumbing professionals a myriad of options to customize their Cadet PRO to the specific customer’s bathroom needs.

Joining the original two Cadet PRO high efficiency toilet (HET) tank styles, which are available with or without a tank liner and locking tank cover, are these three new tank designs:

the angular Studio tank that is ideal for modern bathroom settings

the curved Tropic tank that offers classic styling with an eye toward simplicity

the unique Triangle tank that allows the toilet to be installed in a corner or anywhere space is tight.

All five tank styles are now offered in the standard 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) version and are available with or without a tank liner and locking tank cover. All except the Triangle tank are also available in high efficiency, water-saving 1.28 gpf models.

Five bowl options are included in the Cadet PRO line: Right Height (16 1/2-inch) elongated, Right Height round front, compact Right Height, standard height (15-inch) elongated and standard height round front. The Right Height compact elongated bowl offers the comfort of an elongated seat while using the space of the smaller round front design.

All bowls are available in both 12-inch and 10-inch rough-ins, except for the Compact Right Height elongated that is offered in 12-inch and 14-inch rough-ins.

Designer Colors and Finishes

All models are available in a color selection of white, bone and linen, with certain elongated and round front models now offered in black, as well.

Options for customizing the design of this collection don’t end with the chinawear. While chrome trip levers come standard on all Cadet PRO models, other available lever finishes include satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, white, bone and linen. Buyers can even specify the location of the trip lever; Cadet PRO toilet tanks come standard with the trip lever on the left side, but a chrome lever on the right hand side of the tank is also available.

Performance and Durability

The Cadet PRO flushing platform has an oversized 3-inch flush valve and 2 1/8-inch trapway that can move a mass 60 percent larger than with a standard toilet bowl. This line of high performance toilets leverages the American Standard PowerWash bowl cleaning technology for a quiet, yet powerful flush. PowerWash scrubs the bowl with pressurized water from the rim during every flush to remove every last trace of paper and waste.

Thanks to these high performance features, Cadet PRO toilets achieve the highest bulk removal MaP score of 1,000 grams using both the standard 1.6 gpf and the water saving 1.28 gpf. Map is an independent testing group that reports on toilet bulk removal performance.

The 1.28 gpf Cadet PRO high efficiency toilets use 20 percent less water than traditional 1.6 gpf models, qualifying for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense-certification for providing water savings along with high performance.

For lasting durability and reliable performance for the lifetime of the toilet, these trade exclusive models include robust metal parts not found on products sold at big box stores. The Cadet PRO line offers a five year limited warranty on tank and trim.

Smart Features

Every toilet model in the Cadet PRO line features EverClean, the unique permanent finish from American Standard that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface, helping toilets stay cleaner, longer. The EverClean surface is included at no extra charge, unlike some competitors that offer a surface treatment as an upgrade or don’t offer any at all.

Another innovative feature offered by the Cadet PRO series is its easy installation process. Each PRO series toilet includes an EZ-Install installation kit designed to ensure that floor bolts remain upright, the tank-to-bowl connection process is streamlined, and the time-consuming task of bolt cutting is eliminated.

For more information on the new Cadet PRO toilet models, visit or call (800) 442-1902.

via American Standard Press: American Standard Expands Cadet PRO Portfolio of Trade Exclusive Toilets.

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