American Standard Press: American Standard Receives 2016 WaterSense Excellence in Innovation and Research Award

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Exceptional Product Engineering and Inventiveness, plus Commitment to Conservation Efforts, Earn Special Recognition from U.S. EPAPISCATAWAY, N.J.

American Standard Brands has been honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a 2016 WaterSense Excellence in Innovation and Research Award winner in recognition of the Company’s pioneering new product development achievements and water conservation research efforts.

The WaterSense program, sponsored by the EPA, encourages consumers to reduce their water usage through water saving products and services, as well as by making simple changes in behavior to help conserve this valuable natural resource. The annual WaterSense awards program recognizes organizations that are on the cutting edge of water efficiency innovation, collaboration, and outreach.

“American Standard is continually striving to raise the standard in the industry by developing groundbreaking innovations that impact everyday water use while exceeding the expectations of our customers in terms of style and performance,” said Maha El Kharbotly, chief marketing officer for LIXIL Water Technology Americas, the division under which American Standard and luxury brand DXV operate. “We are very dedicated to promoting the mission of the WaterSense program and it is a true honor to receive this meaningful recognition from the EPA.”

American Standard Brands was awarded this 2016 Excellence in Innovation and Research distinction, in part, for transforming faucet design and engineering with the creation of the first ready-for-market working residential faucets created with 3D metal printing. All three of these DXV 3D printed faucets – the Vibrato, Trope, and Shadowbrook – use 45 percent less water than standard bathroom faucet models, with their water-conserving flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm). They surpass the stringent high performance and water efficiency standards for WaterSense-certification from the EPA. “This dazzling reinvention of the way water is delivered to the user could not be crafted using conventional manufacturing methods; only this first-of-its-kind 3D metal printing process can achieve these stunning results,” explained El Kharbotly.

In addition, the Company demonstrated a strong commitment to research by participating in a study on drain line carry in collaboration with the Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition (PERC). American Standard Senior Manager of Testing and Compliance for Fixtures, C.J. Lagan, worked closely with fellow PERC committee members to explore the issue of drain line carry in plumbing systems. Together they explored the effect of slope, size, toilet paper choice, and water closet flushing characteristics on drain line carry. Lagan, who oversaw the research, data collection, and analysis for this project, was named the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) 2015 Industry Person of the Year for his extensive work on this effort.

In 2012, American Standard Brands was honored with the EPA’s WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year Award in recognition of the company’s water-saving technological advances and ongoing efforts to raise awareness about water conservation.The WaterSense awards program was launched in 2008 to recognize excellence in the field of water conservation and the special efforts of WaterSense partners to advance the organization’s mission. WaterSense-labeled products have helped Americans save 1.5 trillion gallons of water and $32.6 billion in water and energy bills since the program’s inception in 2006*.For more information on WaterSense-certified American Standard products, visit or call (800) 442-1902.* Data source: WaterSense Accomplishments 2015, Saving Water for Future Generations © June 2016

Source: American Standard Press: American Standard Receives 2016 WaterSense Excellence in Innovation and Research Award

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