American Standard’s New Filtration Products

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American Standard is answering the call for safer, cleaner water in the home with the introduction of its new, easy-to-install filtration products for kitchen and bath: the American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet and Filtered 4-Spray Hand Shower Rail System. Engineered to enhance well-being and provide easy access to safe filtered water, the American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet is an essential for homeowners who want to ensure their space is a safe haven, reducing 99.7 percent of lead, 96.9 percent of chlorine and 92.6 percent of class I particulates[1], while the new Filtered Shower System helps promote healthier skin and hair by reducing chlorine levels by at least 50 percent[2].  Both products are now available for purchase directly on

A Safe, Convenient Solution at Your Fingertips

Home is supposed to be a safe space, providing comfort and security during even the most uncertain times. But how can we protect ourselves and our families from hidden dangers in the household, like lead lurking in the water flowing from the kitchen faucet? Lead, which can make its way into the water we drink due to old pipes and plumbing systems – whether within the home itself or from a home’s main water source, is a major concern in drinking water. The American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet brings a big benefit to the kitchen table: the confidence that comes with knowing the water you and your family are consuming is clean and safe filtered water1,2.

The sleek, contemporary American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet makes access to filtered water for drinking or cooking easy and convenient via the push of a button on the spray head while greatly reducing lead (99.7 percent), chlorine (96.9 percent) and class I particulates (92.6 percent) that affect water quality. Its innovative design features two separate water channels within, ensuring the regular tap water has no chance of mixing with the filtered water, and allows the filter to be installed above-deck in the countertop or inside the cabinet wall. Both options save homeowners valuable storage space under the sink by providing an ultra-effective filtration system without the added bulk. The easy-to-access activated carbon filter also means that switching out the filter super simple, no matter which installation option you choose.

With the faucet’s lever handle, homeowners can use ordinary tap water for things like doing the dishes or washing their hands, helping to extend the life of the filter. Additional features and benefits include:

  • LED indicator to alert users when the filter needs changing or if the battery is low
  • 300 gallons of fresh drinking water per filter, lasting three to six months on average – delivering over seven times more fresh drinking water than ordinary filter water pitchers[3]
  • Environmentally friendly solution that reduces reliance on plastic water bottles – with one filter providing the same amount of clean drinking water as 2,795 16.9-ounce plastic bottles
  • Pull-down, dual-function spray head with toggle to easily switch from stream to a powerful spray
  • Re-Trax technology for smooth operation and convenient spray head retraction
  • Dock-Tite magnetic docking system to securely hold spray head in place
  • Ceramic disc valve to ensure drip-free dependability and performance for life
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet is available for $279.99 and comes in choice of Polished Chrome or Stainless Steel finish, with replacement filters available for $45. For more information or to purchase, visit

A Shower Your Skin Will Savor

Know what’s raining down from the showerhead in addition to a luxurious cascade of water? Chlorine is commonly found in tap water, meaning chlorinated water is likely making its way into people’s daily showers. Chlorine can lead to skin irritation, dry hair or eye irritation, deprive the body of natural oils — resulting in dry, damaged hair and skin, and cause color-treated hair to fade faster.

Since bathing in bottled water is not exactly practical, American Standard has introduced a new, easy-to-install filtered shower system to help lower those chlorine levels. The American Standard Filtered 4-Spray Hand Shower Rail System reduces chlorine levels in the shower by at least 50 percent2, helping achieve more beautiful, soft and hydrated skin and hair – along with peace of mind.

Like the other products in American Standard’s Spectra line, the American Standard Filtered 4-Spray Hand Shower Rail System is practical, adaptable and offers multipurpose functionality. Features and benefits include:

  • Sleek system installs in minutes using existing plumbing
  • Highly effective, integrated filter built into the rail, making it easy to unscrew for a quick change when needed and eliminating the need for a bulky add-on filter
  • Filters 5,000 gallons of water per filter, lasting approximately 4 months depending on usage
  • Adjustable, easy-glide holder to customize showerhead height and angle
  • AquaToggle feature allows for an effortless switch between spray functions with just one hand
  • Four satisfying spray options—Drench, full body coverage; Sensitive, soft, gentle spray; PowerWash, invigorating spray; Massage, pulsating, stress relieving spray
  • Extra-long metal shower hose to give full access to the entire shower
  • WaterSense certified

The American Standard Filtered 4-Spray Hand Shower Rail System SRP is $179.99, with finish options including Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel, and replacement filters are $35 each. To learn more or purchase the shower system, visit