Ames Fire & Waterworks Launches New Grooved-End Pressure Reducing Control Valve

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Ames Fire & Waterworks today announced a new grooved-end automatic control valve (ACV) for reducing water pressure in fire protection systems.

The grooved-end 910GF ACV is UL Listed and available in 2″ to 8″ sizes. It is typically installed in commercial or industrial fire sprinkler systems to automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to an adjustable lower outlet pressure. The diaphragm-actuated, pilot-operated valve is sensitive to downstream flow and pressure fluctuations.

The new ACV complements the Ames package of products designed for fire protection systems, which includes the Colt™ and Maxim™ Series backflow preventers, gear-operated slow-close ball valves, in-building risers, and UL/FM strainers.

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