Aquabrass forever changes the way you bathe with new space-saving Aquazone

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At the Kitchen and Bath International Show (KBIS), North American bathroom fixture manufacturer Aquabrass premiered AquazoneTM, a revolutionary shower and bath concept, molded into a single, space-saving wet zone unit. With AquazoneTM, Aquabrass delivers the best of both worlds in a new multifunctional and spa-like experience.

In addition to optimizing space and enhancing functionality, AquazoneTM is exceptionally cost-efficient.

“It’s a creative solution, and a very logical one,” says Aquabrass CEO Tony Masecchia – the designer of AquazoneTM and an industry specialist with 30 years of new construction experience. “Architects and designers are challenged with designing small dwellings. AquazoneTM lets them make the most of every square inch and every dollar – and still offer their clients a luxury bathroom.”

Reducing time and labor costs while optimizing space and enhancing both customer appeal and resale value makes AquazoneTM truly revolutionary. An AquazoneTM installation can save up to 30 square feet in a typical apartment – a significant advantage, given the high cost of square footage.


An example of synergetic design, this patent- pending wet zone concept offers a sum of experience greater than its parts. A single, molded unit, it needs no bathtub overflow. With all spills captured by the shower’s center-located drain, bathers can enjoy total immersion in the ergonomically sculpted tub. Children are welcome to splash and play – and the family dog to shake. Even seniors will enjoy the easy entry and broad tub ledge, which doubles as a safety-smart shower bench, making AquazoneTM a multi- generational solution that’s sure to enhance resale value. In addition to containing water, the AquazoneTM unit retains warmth, with the shower base providing a post-bath drying zone. Extra width afforded by the bathtub expands shower space. Optional ipe wood panels transform the tub into seating or even a chaise longue for still greater shower luxury, and the AquazoneTM can be fitted with AIRELAXTM spa system, further expanding its hydrotherapy possibilities.


While expansive in feel due to the shared open area, the AquazoneTM unit requires only 60 by 60 inches of space. North American- built, its strong, one-piece construction is solid Lucite acrylic with a reinforced base. With two integrated wheels and six adjustable levelers, it rolls into place easily, saving time, materials and labor costs.

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