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Aquatron Systems Achieve Living Building Challenge Standards In New York City

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PITTSTOWN, N.J. – Rosie’s Natural Way, the North American distributor of the Aquatron, has installed the composting toilet system in the Bright N’ Green Apartments.

The six-unit complex is the first Living Building Challenge residence in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Aquatron is a Swedish composting toilet system.  The Bright N’ Green Apartments installed a single Aquatron unit that will support the activity from 12 toilets. 

The separator component of the Aquatron uses no electrical or moving parts to separate liquid from solid waste.  The separation process is used for optimal composting conditions.  The solid waste generated by the residents will be composted using worms.  The worms produce a casing that will then fertilize the apartment’s rooftop gardens.  The repurposing of the waste lightens impact on the already strained New York City sewage systems.

 “At Bright N’ Green we hope to represent a true paradigm shift in the way new residential buildings will be constructed worldwide,” said Scarano Architects, the design firm of the new complex.

Rosie’s Natural Way is currently developing a proprietary BioFilter that will filter liquid waste to drinking water quality.  The water can also be recycled into the home’s water fixtures. The BioFilter is the final component for creating an independent sewage system.  Residential homes and facilities will no longer rely on sewage systems and will consume less freshwater. 

Boiler Plate: Rosie’s Natural Way is a sustainable solutions company turning waste into a valuable resource. Founded in 2011, by Stubby Warmbold, the company sells two tried-and-true Swedish sustainable systems—the Dubbletten, a urine-diverting toilet and the Aquatron, a composting toilet system.  Both systems are of high-end and sophisticated quality. The Dubbletten contains urine for liquid fertilizer while using 80 percent less water than a regular toilet. The Aquatron Compost System operates with no electrical or mechanical components to separate liquids from solids for optimum composting conditions.  Both the Dubbletten and Aquatron can be used to achieve LEED and Living Building Challenge Standards.


BioFilter- a system that is fed water from appliance and building drains, and filters out bacteria, particulate matter and nutrients through natural filtration materials i.e. sand, peat moss, plants, rocks.

Living Building Challenge- a standard set forth by the International Living Building Institute to qualify a building as having high-level sustainable components as they relate to water, energy, building materials, maintenance, aesthetics and social Justice

LEED- a standard set forth by the US Green Building Council to qualify the efficiency and environmental standards of a building through energy, building materials, etc. 

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