Armstrong International Acquires Veris Incorporated

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Armstrong International has expanded its portfolio of intelligent system solutions through the acquisition of Veris, Incorporated, a leader in accurate and reliable flow measurement technology for gas, steam and hot water applications. Veris, based in Niwot, Colorado, has more than 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing flow measurement instruments including Verabar®, the most accurate and reliable flow sensor for measuring gas, liquid and steam delivering lower operating costs for customers and Accelabar®, a new and unique flow meter that provides superior performance in challenging applications.

“Veris not only shares our commitment to delivering energy saving solutions to its customers, they also share our core values that contribute to creating an enjoyable experience for our customers,” said Patrick Armstrong, President and CEO of Armstrong Global Holdings. In addition to its Colorado headquarters, Veris has operations in Shanghai, China. The Veris name and operating locations will remain and its product line will enhance the full line of solutions available from Armstrong.

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