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RighTime Home Services San Diego and ARS/Rescue Rooter San Diego have donated and performed free home comfort work to a veteran in need.  Both a new HVAC unit and water heater was provided to Adam Martel, a Navy veteran. Martel was identified through collaboration with ARS/Rescue Rooter and Vet’s Community Connections in San Diego as part of the national ARS Cares Program.

Martel followed the tradition of his grandfather and father and joined the military, serving eight years in the Navy. On May 19, 2009, he was involved in a helicopter accident, and he stills emotionally suffers from the loss of fellow servicemen. “I have completed three tours of service, and I have been a part of OEF (Afghanistan) and OIF (Iraq) with numerous medals, awards and citations on board the USS Nimitz. In 2007 did my re-enlistment on board the USS Arizona in Hawaii,” notes Martel. “I attempted to join the guard but was disqualified due to my PTSD. The loss was that great.”

After an honorable discharge in 2011, Martel has struggled with PTSD and, subsequently, had trouble keeping up with several home repairs. Vet’s Community Connections in San Diego identified Martel through the Wounded Warrior Project as a good candidate for the ARS Cares program.

Both RighTime Home Services of San Diego and ARS/Rescue Rooter San Diego are part of the American Residential Services (ARS) network, which is a Memphis, Tenn. based, privately-held national provider of air conditioning, heating and plumbing services. The ARS Cares program donates a HVAC system or water heater to a veteran in need by enlisting the help of local veterans’ agencies. Once a veteran in need is identified, ARS works with their local service center and ensures the installation process goes smoothly. Martel is the recipient of collaboration between the two ARS service centers.

RighTime Home Services San Diego went to Martel’s home to originally evaluate the HVAC system. However, the service team also noticed a leak in Martel’s water heater.

The team at RighTime quickly reached out to their sister service center and plumbing specialists, ARS/Rescue Rooter San Diego, to ensure that Martel had installation water heater installed as well, and at no cost. Neil Chapman, RighTime Home Services’ General Manager, says, “We are very happy to have supported Mr. Martel, and we love every opportunity to give back to our community.” In fact, RighTime Home Services had two military veterans, Rich Valle and Jeffrey Berg, working on the project for Martel, and both RighTime and ARS/Rescue Rooter San Diego were happy to donate their time and resources.

Adam Martel will now have a newly-installed HVAC unit, a new hot water heater, and several additional members to add to his veterans’ fellowship network from this ARS Cares installation. “It is a privilege to be able to serve those who have selflessly served our country,” says Chris Mellon, CMO. “We’re proud of our employees who volunteered to help with this installation, particularly the veterans that are giving back to a fellow vet. Not only are they generous but they already know the value of teamwork, communication and organization which makes them a valuable part of our team.”

ARS will be working in targeted markets alongside specific veterans’ services agencies in order to complete this project. In addition to donating HVAC and water heater equipment and installation, ARS employees across the country will be engaging in volunteer and civic opportunities geared towards veterans’ services.

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