ASCO Lead-Free Brass and RIDGID Press Tools Help Plumbers Comply with EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Requirements Faster

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ASCO’s lead-free brass solenoid valves have been helping mechanical contractors and plumbers comply with the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act’s low lead requirements ever since 2015. The ASCO product line is continuously evolving to provide solutions to help end users with clean water automation. As part of our innovation roadmap, ASCO will be providing new laborsaving end connectors that will increase the speed of meeting EPA SDWA requirements.

These labor-saving features include the adoption of Viega ProPress and PureFlow fittings which allow mechanical contractors and plumbers to install ASCO lead-free valves with a RIDGID Press Tool in seconds. No hot work permit and no plumbing unions required. ASCO’s wide range of electrical connections also reduce delays in inspection time, with a ½” NPT conduit as a standard option.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps contractors and plumbers meet EPA Safe Drinking Water Act low lead requirements in seconds.
  • Viega ProPress and PureFlow fittings are factory installed to ASCO’s Lead-Free Brass Valves, and leak tested, reducing installation delays.
  • ASCO’s Lead-Free Brass Valves come with a wide range of electrical connections, reducing delays during inspections.

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