John Mesenbrink

Mary-Anne Bowcott (@the_ladyplumber) is a testament to perseverance and hard work. In a male-dominant industry, now a successful business owner, she is blazing the trail for women to look at trades in a different light. Mary-Anne Bowcott has come a long way from the days of living on a farm— which housed a few hundred Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital twin, VR & AR, hydrogen fuel—all technologies pointing to the future of the plumbing industry. It’s really no wonder that the circulator industry—with the addition of Bluetooth-enabled technology and accompanying apps, for example, is moving into the 21st century as well. Couple that with US DOE mandates for efficiency, and you Read more

Finding his niche in the trades, with a last name of Vader, Justin Vader has the plumbing force behind him. As an underwater welder for eight years, Justin Vader (@vadertheplumber) traveled all across Ontario, Canada, for work. However, when his wife was pregnant with their second child, it was time to find something closer to Read more

What’s Your EQ?

Keep your technical knowledge close in the tool bag; emotional intelligence is a highly valued personal trait that can help you run a more successful business. We’ve all heard the expression before, “You’re thinking with you heart and not your head.” But what if both were true? On a recent Thursday night Plumbing Perspective (@plumbing_perspective) Instagram Read more

Over the past few years—wink, wink COVID—the industry has seen a rise in purchasing activity between plumbing and HVAC companies and private equity firms and other outside influences—coming in and gobbling up already successful contracting shops with a message of making them better. Sure, it’s a smart exit strategy as well for those looking to Read more