John Mesenbrink

Okay, let’s not get out of control here. The pic below (and on the homepage) was taken at my nephew’s work. He opened a crate, which was delivered from Taiwan, and out jumped this huntsman spider, alive! YIKES! We thought it would be fun to ask some of our industry friends what would they rather Read more

There’s a number out there that is pretty remarkable: 65% of construction workers that took their own life sought some sort of medical help within one month prior to the event. As we near the end of Men’s Mental Health Month—recognized every year in the month of June—suicide rates among construction workers are at an Read more

Mechanical Hub recently caught up with the HammerHead Trenchless team at its St. Louis stop on the HammerHead Road Tour 2024. There, around 35 contractors took in this “lunch and learn”-type setting to get more acquainted with HammerHead product and service offerings. Right from the jump, there was a high priority on safety. “Safety is Read more

Back in the day he was known as DJ Reggie Nell, and he could spin records with the best of ’em. A former DJ while working in the trades, Germaine Nelson, president, Capitol Plumbing & Heating, Bowie, Md., now is a full-service residential plumbing OG, specializing in water heaters, waste and venting for the surrounding Read more

We have to admit, as a society most Americans have become lazier, or perhaps we’ve been conditioned to expect more, faster, with little effort as possible. Literally never having to leave the house for items delivered to your front door is just one shining example. But, hey, what’s not to like? Yet, this begets a Read more