Better Performance without Waste

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The Challenge

Aqua Savers, a company that specializes in retrofitting water-efficient products in multifamily properties, completed a water efficiency program for the Washington, DC community, Girard Street Apartments.

The apartments, built to offer an affordable housing option for residents ages 55+, were required to be ADA compliant to fit the needs of their tenants. Upon the completion of the preliminary water bill analysis, it was clear that there was an issue at the property that needed to be investigated. When Aqua Savers completed the onsite audit, it was learned that the existing toilets had been improperly installed and were using a high GPF, thus resulting in exorbitant water and sewer costs for a property of its age and size.

The Products

The existing toilets were replaced with an Ultra-High-Efficiency model from Niagara. The Original utilizes Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology® and comes in an elongated shape that is best for comfort.

By using a vacuum-assisted flush that uses ambient air inside a simple vessel, The Original can flush up to 800g of miso in as little as 0.8 GPF. Niagara’s Original with Stealth Technology can meet the ADA requirements through various options of handle functionality, height, and accessibility, making it the perfect choice for this property.

The Results

By just replacing toilets, the property was able to realize a 77% reduction in consumption and a 73% decrease in water/sewer cost. These reductions resulted in a 375% monthly ROI for the owners, who were so satisfied with Niagara’s Original and Aqua Saver’s services, that they have retrofitted several other properties and are seeing similar results.

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