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Have you ever had the experience of someone telling you news that just leaves you in a state of shock? Something that makes you wonder, what really matters? Whether it relates to family, life, or even your job or business.

For instance, my wife and I were at dinner a few weeks ago when I received a call. It was from a friend letting me know that a mutual friend of ours had lost their son due to a pulmonary embolism. He was only 30 years old and was simply waiting at their home to have a nice family meal. The mother came into the room and found him on the floor, already passed from this life. We quickly made plans to head south to be with our friends to comfort them in their time of need.

When we arrived, we heard the whole story. Two days earlier their son had called their pastor and asked to have a lunch meeting because he had some questions about life and what happens when we die. Their discussion lasted for a good 90 minutes. Later that week at the eulogy the pastor said he was glad he took the meeting and believed their son got some things straightened out which gave the family some peace, even though he had passed from this life.

At the funeral service at their church, every pew was filled and overflowed. At the reception at their home later on, people had parked 5 blocks away with people lined up outside waiting to get in to share their love for this family. At one point a local restaurant brought over a large amount of food: shrimp, crab, and several desserts. The just left them at the door and said they cared and were thinking of the family.

You may wonder what all of this has to do with you and your livelihood. Perhaps quite a bit more than you know. We all get so busy with our own circumstances but may have no idea what others are going through and how can we show our support and love for someone going through difficulties in their life. This not only relates to friends but to co-workers, employees, boss’s, and customers.

Most of us never forget the people who have comforted us, shared in our sorrows, and encouraged us during difficult times and sometimes, even through tragedy. In most cases, you would esteem this person and care for them as well. Perhaps a boss would have greater respect for that employee, an employee may perform better to honor their manager or boss. Or a customer may become a customer for life and tell everyone they know to use your services and why they should trust you. All because you cared and comforted them during their time of need. We can all testify that we all prefer to by from people we like and people that are like us.

My message is this; be sensitive to your employees, co-workers, and yes, even your customers. We occasionally get a reaction from others that seems over the top. Perhaps an employee will be frustrated, a customer will immediately go off on a rant about how you are taking advantage of them, etc. Realize that it may not even be anything you have done. They may just be feeling the pressure of life and may feel overwhelmed.

So keep your composure and don’t react out of passion, slow down your speech, and discuss the matter. Or calmly clarify your position with compassion if they have misunderstood you. If they have overreacted, in most cases they know and aren’t sure of how to handle their current emotions. Ask them if there is anything they need to share or if they would be willing to allow you to offer any support for them. We do not know what tomorrow brings. If we live like it, we may have a happier boss, hard-working and trusted employees, and even more business with life-long customers who can provide the type of advertising money simply can’t buy.

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Jim Hinshaw

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