Bosch GLI18V-1900 and GLI18V-1900 C Offer Bright, Robust Cordless Floodlights with Lasting Power

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Connected GLI18V-1900 C offers smart light with long runtime and integrated Bluetooth® capability

The search for more light on the jobsite without the hassle of carrying around a giant light source begins and ends with the Bosch GLI18V-1900 and GLI18V-1900 C Floodlights. Excellent illumination is provided by a cordless, high-power LED that offers 1900 lumen brightness.

This is reliable, all-day light that runs up to eight hours at 50 percent mode (5 Ah battery) or four hours at 100 percent mode (5 Ah battery). The two brightness settings offer lighting levels at 1000 lumens or 1900 lumens. Floodlight includes on/off switch. The GLI18V-1900 C offers Bluetooth® connectivity accessed through a corresponding app. In addition to controlling the light, the connectivity function allows the user to manage several lights simultaneously with one click. The two-way Bluetooth transfer chip ensures low power consumption between the light and a smart phone. The application is easy to use. The durable floodlight frame is compact and weighs less than two pounds. The GLI18V-1900 C offers the added advantage of tough water and dust resistant construction (IP protection 64). The user has the flexibility to select a variety of positions to effectively illuminate any large space. The light’s 120-degree angle adjustment offers five positions for perfect illumination. Set up is quick and easy thanks to adjustability and standard 5/8” tripod thread. To learn more about the Bosch GLI18V-1900 and GLI18V-1900 C Floodlights or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos. Bosch GLI18V-1900 and GLI18V-1900 C Floodlights Fact Box

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