Bradford White Adds Intelligent Controls to Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Water Heater

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Water Heater Controls for Bradfrod White Water Heaters is a great addition for plumbing contractors

Bradford White recently announced the addition of its exclusive ICON HD™ Commercial Control System to the company’s 100-gallon, 399,999 BTU/Hr. eF Series® ultra-high efficiency water heater. The ICON HD™ is an intelligent Honeywell® integrated control with a digital LCD display that combines temperature control, diagnostic codes, system functions, and operational status into a single, intuitive control unit.

Features of the ICON HD™ Commercial Control System include the following: eight different service screens for simplified access to troubleshooting features including temperature sensor readings and current status; multiple error codes for precise diagnostics and accurate service; error code history for troubleshooting assistance; viewable flame sense current indicator for predicting and avoiding disruptions in performance; and a communication port that is compatible with Bradford White’s OnGuard RMT™ Remote Monitoring Technology and other building management systems.


Commercial water heaters equipped with ICON HD™ can also be upgraded with the optional programmable setback control kit which features 7-day, 4 period/day programmability allowing users to customize temperatures to match their usage patterns, reducing operational costs and saving energy.

Bradford White’s 100-gallon, 399,999 BTU/Hr. ultra-high efficiency water heater is the largest of 12 eF Series® models. In addition to the ICON HD™, other features include class-leading thermal efficiency ratings as high as 94%, quiet operation, a stainless steel alloy burner tube, a durable direct spark ignition system, a modulating blower, excellent installation flexibility with zero inch clearance to combustibles, and multiple venting configurations including direct or power direct venting, balanced or unbalanced venting, and vertical or horizontally venting.

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