Bradford White Donates Water Heaters to Philadelphia Families in Need Through Industry Forward® Charitable Program 

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In partnership with Pennsylvania’s Energy Coordinating Agency, company donates eight water heaters to families in need during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Ambler, Pa. — Eight low-income Philadelphia families are receiving new energy efficient water heaters, thanks to a generous donation from Bradford White Corporation, an industry-leading American manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and storage tanks.

The donation, which comes during Random Acts of Kindness Week, stems from Bradford White’s signature charitable giving initiative, Industry Forward®. Eight 40-gallon water heaters are being provided to very deserving families who have contacted Philadelphia’s Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) Heater Hotline. ECA is an Industry Forward® partner that has a strong history with Bradford White.

Rich-Tomkins, a manufacturer’s representative for the company, helped coordinate the product delivery and ECA’s trained staff, which helped identify families most in need, will be installing the water heaters.

“At Bradford White, giving back to our communities and providing help to those in need, is part of our mission and core values as a company,” said Rebecca Owens, senior manager of communications for Bradford White. “By providing water heaters to several families in need during Random Acts of Kindness Week we hope to inspire others to show kindness and give back as well so we work together to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We are truly grateful to partner with ECA and provide essential hot water to families who have been without for far too long.”

ECA’s Heater Hotline team receives numerous calls each week from low-income families who have no hot water because water heater replacement is not covered under other low-income programs. Such calls often come from senior citizen homeowners or families who resort to the dangerous practice of heating water on a range for bathing and household cleaning.

The Philadelphia Emergency Water Heater Fund, created by ECA in 2022, has already used its allotted funding for the year and Bradford White stepped up to assist when it heard of the need.

“We are deeply appreciative of the continued partnership with Bradford White and their generosity through their innovative Industry Forward® program,” said Steve Luxton, ECA chief executive officer. “There are so many families in need of hot water and Bradford White’s continued support to lend a hand and give back to families in need is so important. They are a true partner to Philadelphia families, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.”

Bradford White has partnered with ECA on several recent projects, including a $50,000 Industry Forward® grant to help ECA launch a pilot internship program for young people and emerging workers from Philadelphia’s disadvantaged communities to receive training on heat pump water heater installation and maintenance.