BrandFX EverLast Composite Service Bodies Combine Light Weight and Long Life

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Lightweight, high-strength BrandFX EverLast™ composite service bodies are available for 40”, 56”, 60”, 84” Cable-To-Axle (CA) trucks. Able to support a wide range of cranes and aerials, these service bodies are employed in many industries including utilities, telecommunications, plumbing, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, pest control, and more.

BrandFX EverLast composite service bodies offer a number of advantages compared to conventional metal bodies, including a unique combination of high strength and light weight. An EverLast service body can weigh as little as 50% of a similar steel body, which can equate to thousands of dollars in fuel costs savings annually.

Additionally, the lighter weight of EverLast bodies reduces wear on tires, brakes, and suspension components. This reduced weight can also allow for additional load capacity for a truck equipped with an EverLast service body. In some cases, the lighter weight of these bodies will even allow an operator to downsize vehicles.

EverLast bodies are molded using a proprietary composite formula that ensures durability and long-term performance. This molded construction technique also provides for the bodies’ rounded edges for improved aerodynamics, safety, and a quality appearance. Proven to deliver more than 20 years of reliable service, EverLast service bodies will not dent or crack, and will maintain their quality finish over years of use. For more information, visit, email , or call

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