Bullard CEN10 is Head Protection Reinvented

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A century of head protection innovation defines the Bullard CEN10™ Helmet. Designed to provide wearers with the reliability, comfort, and toughness expected from a Bullard industrial hard hat.

  • Sports the distinctive Bullard 3-rib trademark design that is easily recognizable on worksites across the globe.
  • The modern matte finish surface with polished smooth lines design makes the CEN10™ helmet look stylish and unique.
  • This helmet is expertly designed to provide the highest level of protection to workers with a 3-point chinstrap for a secure fit when working at heights.

The CEN10 is a hardhat designed to be modern and comparable to a helmet worn in sporting activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, etc. Unlike traditional Type I hard hats, CEN10 is little to no brim, has a foam insert rather than a suspension, and comes with a built-in chinstrap.

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