Central Heating Boilers Guide

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In many parts of the US central heating is accomplished with the use of a boiler. Boilers provide heat by using natural gas to heat water and then piping it to radiators throughout the home. There are several types available for home use and efficiency ratings have gone up in recent years.

Boilers for Home Heating

There are three main types of boiler available to heat your home with:

  • Combi (combination)
  • Conventional
  • System

These can be further classified by the condensing or non-condensing type. Condensing boilers are able to gain more efficiency by capturing the heat from the steam produced during the combustion of natural gas, typically moving into the 90% and higher efficiency range.

The most efficient type of boiler, the most popular type in Europe, and the one quickly gaining ground in the US is the combi boiler. Combination boilers are used for both heating and to provide hot water for the home. They are even more efficient if they are condensing boilers. Combination boilers are easy to install, and save you money by only heating the hot water as it is needed, dispatching the need for a storage tank and providing you with as much hot water as needed.

Conventional boilers also provide hot water for home use but they necessitate a cold water tank and a hot water tank for the storage of both. They are able to send hot water to a lot of taps at one time, and heat the home well but their disadvantage lies in the hot water storage. It is not only less efficient to store water at a high temperature, but there is only enough hot water as is stored in the tank and the times it is available need to be programmed into the boiler.

System boilers are very similar to conventional boilers but they have the storage tanks built into them and so are easier to install. These types of boiler are great for smaller homes with limited space as the space they take up is smaller than a conventional boiler, and as a result their storage tanks are smaller.

Each customer will have different requirements for a boiler and as a result benefit from one system over another. If you would like to discuss your options for boiler heating, Advanced Environment Solutions would gladly assist you, so give us a call today!


Source: Central Heating Boilers Guide

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