Cherne Launches Line of Easy-to-Use Disc Seals, Featuring Excellent Sealing Range and Convenient Installation

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Cherne’s Disc Seals are made with lightweight aluminum and include field-replaceable double bladders for a leakproof seal

Cherne Industries, part of the Oatey Co. family of companies, recently launched a line of Disc Seal plugs, designed to block flow or provide bypass flow in underground pipes with low backpressure. Used for pipe construction, rehabilitation, cleaning and testing, the plugs can be separated into two halves to fit through any manhole effortlessly.

Cherne’s Disc Seals are built with two field-replaceable double bladders to ensure a leakproof seal up to five pounds per square inch (PSI) of backpressure. The plugs’ thoughtful design makes them easy to work with. For example, in addition to being built with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the plugs come with handles for easy installation and transport. Plus, no matter the manhole size, contractors can be confident the plug will fit by simply separating the plug into two halves.

Cherne Disc Seal plugs are available sizes ranging from 24 inches through 96 inches. For more information, visit

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