Coffee with Caleffi – Between the Lines: DHW Return Design

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Domestic hot water (DHW) sizing and design is critical to optimize energy efficiency, reduce water waste, and improve safety.  Host Christoph Lohr, P.E. returns to the webinar series to detail the engineering methods that can help designers right-size their hot water return (HWR) system.  He will recap the September ’23 Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar (Ten Things to Know About DHW Return Design) and discuss three critical items regarding DHW return design:

  • Balancing Valve Selection Impact on HWR System Sizes
  • The Equations that Govern Right-Sizing Hot Water Return Systems (Hardy Cross Methodology)
  • Pipe Routing and Plumbing Fixture impact on Hot Water Return System Design

Christoph is IAPMO’s Vice President of Technical Services and Research.  As part of his duties he provides industry leadership through participation in strategic industry initiatives, and provides technical support to all IAPMO’s business units as needed. Christoph has over a decade of experience in designing plumbing systems and has a reputation as a results-oriented expert, particularly in the realm of balancing waterborne pathogen prevention and water sustainability.  He is a distinguished graduate from the Virginia Military Institute, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

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