Coffee with Caleffi™ Webinar Series: Dual-Fuel with Air/Water Heat Pumps

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Air-to-water heat pumps provide a way to migrate existing hydronic heating systems supplied by fossil fuel boilers to sustainable electric energy.  In many projects there are compelling advantages for retaining the existing boiler and adding the heat pump to create a “dual-fuel” system.  These systems will likely be the most common application for air-to-water heat pumps in the near future as carbon reduction regulations reshape the market.

You’ll learn:
→ What’s the highest water temperature an air-to-water heat pump can produce?
→ Are buffer tanks always needed in systems with air-to-water heat pumps?
→ Should air-to-water heat pumps be connected in series with boilers?
→ Can air-to-water heat pumps be retrofitted to systems that use fin-tube baseboard?

Hydronics guru John Siegenthaler, P.E. will discuss the benefits of dual-fuel systems while examining the technical details for piping and controls in this 90 minute extended Coffee with Caleffi webinar edition on Thursday, Nov. 30 at 12:00 p.m. CST.

Siegenthaler is a seasoned industry leader and passionate teacher, eager to share his over 40 years’ experience in the understanding and proper application of water-based engineering principles with our audience.

A Certificate of Attendance is emailed to attendees following the event for continuing education audits.  The monthly educational webinars are free and are intended for engineers, contractors, designers and wholesalers.

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