Designing Innovative HVACR Tools with HVACR Techs at the Forefront

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If you know Fieldpiece, you know we’re always working hard to help HVACR pros do their job easier, faster and better. We want to bring you higher efficiency and increased productivity, and we’re proud to say that our hard work has paid off in the form of industry accolades and game-changing patents.

Two of our most recognized patents techs rave about are our Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology and RunQuick® Oil Change System.

Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology

Let’s start with our Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology. This advanced technology is featured in the Job Link® System Premium Pipe Clamp Probe, JL3PC; and in the two largest pipe clamps in the industry, measuring up to 41/8” – the Large Pipe Clamp, TC48 and the wireless Job Link® System Large Pipe Clamp, JL3LC. Previous technology measured temperature with readings affected by the ambient air and  moisture. Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology perfected the process – only giving accurate readings.

With two sensors, one on either side of the pipe clamp tool, the electrically conductive pipe itself completes the circuit on both sides, giving the tech a stabilized and accurate reading within five seconds. And, as the tech adjusts the system with the clamp attached, they can instantly see temperature changes as they happen in real time.

RunQuick® Oil Change System

Our second most notable patent is for the RunQuick® Oil Change System. This allows techs to change the oil on a vacuum pump without turning off the pump or losing vacuum. In less than 20 seconds, a tech can swap out the old oil and add in new oil.

During an evacuation, once oil has become cloudy, that means it could be saturated with moisture or contaminants. This signals that it needs to be changed or you’ll experience longer system evacuation times. Fieldpiece pumps equipped with the RunQuick® Oil Change System like the Fieldpiece Vacuum Pumps, 10 CFM VPX7, 8 CFM VP87 and 6 CFM VP67 also include a large oil viewing window that allows techs to see the oil condition, so they know when it’s time for a quick change. The days of not changing oil to avoid the mess or the hassles are things of the past.

Add any of these innovations to your tool bag to get ready to work more efficiently and more effectively. Visit

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