Easy-To-Install and Affordable Grundfos SCALA2 Domestic Booster Pump Offers Constant Water Pressure Regardless of Tap Quantity Or Time Of Day

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The days of receiving a cold-water jolt from someone flushing a nearby toilet may soon be ending.

The intelligent and low-noise Grundfos SCALA2 domestic booster pump offers homeowners the holy grail of constant water pressure, regardless of municipal inlet pressure and multiple open taps.

Fully integrated, the new self-priming SCALA2 is designed to boost water pressure from city mains, shallow wells and storage tanks serving residential buildings with up to three floors and eight taps. An intelligent pump control sensor compares measured and desired water pressures, adjusting pump speed accordingly and ensuring a perfect water pressure through the system. The plug-and-pump solution has a user-friendly control panel to enable manual pressure adjustments.

While water boosting pumps can often be large and noisy, the compact, all-in-one SCALA2 weighs only 22 Ibs. and has a super-silent motor that is water-instead-of-fan-cooled, which results in a sound level of 47 dB(A), which is roughly as loud as a modern dishwasher.

“With the new SCALA2 water booster pump, homeowners will have perfect, steady water pressure–even if the shower is on, the kitchen faucet is running and the car is being washed outside. It will only take a plumber a few minutes to install, but it’ll boost the comfort in the home for years and years,” according to Kirk Vigil, Director of National Accounts for DBS.

The SCALA2 will be available in May 2016.


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