Eemax and EcoSmart Align to Grow Green Energy Heating Services | Eemax

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Eemax and EcoSmart Align to Grow Green Energy Heating Services

Eemax, the nation’s leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential electric tankless water heaters, acquires EcoSmart, a fast- growing consumer brand for residential electric tankless water heaters based in Miami.

“Adding to our team of proven experts, this acquisition will further Eemax’s position as the leading solutions provider in water heating,” said Kevin Ruppelt, CEO of Eemax. “It’s an exciting new chapter for both Eemax and EcoSmart as we integrate the two organizations into a high-performing, customer-centric team.”

Eemax and EcoSmart are proven innovators in their respective fields.  Going forward, development efforts will benefit greatly from the two brands highly collabrative nature, which will strengthen the combined capabilities to further the goal to make tankless technology the mainstream method for residential water heaters. EcoSmart will contribute to Eemax’s continued growth by expanding its customer base as well as increasing the company’s product portfolio.

“We are thrilled to work with Eemax. By combining resources we can more effectively reach our shared goal of providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their hot water heating needs while saving money, energy and space,” said EcoSmart CEO Nick Cardoso.

Led by Kevin Ruppelt, president and CEO, Eemax’s facility in Waterbury, Conn. will serve as the company headquarters while EcoSmart business and distribution will continue out of Miami.

About Eemax

Eemax is the top supplier of electric tankless water heaters in the United States, as well as serving 30 additional countries worldwide through the plumbing wholesale distribution channel. Located in Waterbury, Conn., Eemax’s patented green water heating technology has revolutionized the industry by delivering a continuous supply of hot water at a preset temperature with 99 percent energy efficiency.  Visit for more information.

About EcoSmart

Ecosmart is a manufacturer of green energy technology based out of Miami. EcoSmart’s mission is to produce and distribute quality green energy products that are practical, efficient and economical, aiding consumers in saving money, energy and water. Visit for more information.

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