Effective Ways To Market Your Plumbing Business

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Have a plumbing business and looking for effective ways to attract more customers? Below are just a few marketing strategies that are worth trying to help boost business.

Build an attractive website

A website is essential for generating customers and making your business look official. This needs to look professional in order to build a sense of trust. Make sure that information like contact details, services you provide and credentials are clearly visible on the homepage. You can also display testimonials from happy customers. There are lots of cheap and easy ways to build your own website. Alternatively, you can always hire a web design company to make one for you.

Get on social media

Social media is another great tool for connecting with customers online. You should create a Facebook business page at the very least. Post content on your page regularly – this could include updates, promotions and plumbing-related tips. Boost posts to help them reach a larger audience.

Encourage positive online reviews

A lot of customers like to look at online reviews before deciding whether a business is trustworthy. Encourage every happy customer you work with to leave a positive Google review. This will help you to encourage more customers by showing that you’re a company people can depend on.

Invest in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that can help to boost the rankings of your website. This can lead to more people visiting your site – and consequently more customers. SEO relies on using various tricks such as using keywords on your website and boosting the page of your site. It’s worth hiring an SEO company to do all this for you as it’s not something you can easily do yourself. 

Print off some business cards

There are many types of marketing to try beyond online marketing. Handing out business cards is a simple and effective way to get business offline. If you meet someone who may be looking for a plumbing service, you can quickly exchange contact details and make yourself look more professional by handing out a business card. You can also post business cards through letterboxes and pin them up on public notice boards.

Consider taking part in local marketing events

There may be local events that you can sponsor – this involves putting some money into the event in exchange for being able to display branded posters and banners at the event. There could even be a local trade show worth entering – by renting a 10×20 trade show booth and showing up with some flyers, you may be able to generate some business. 

Invest in branded vehicle wrapping

Your car or van could be used as a form of mobile advertising. Using a vinyl wrap you can easily promote your company name and contact details on the side of your vehicle. This will make your business look more professional, and you could generate some extra business from it. There are companies that specialize in producing these vinyl wraps. 

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