Emerson In-Pipe Heating System

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Over 15 million U.S. households rely on private, household wells for water, including vacation cottages, rural homes and remote barns. Freezing pipes used as supply lines in these applications can result in water being shut off during the winter, as well as costly repairs after the spring thaw.

ILSR Assembled Package


To help ensure a reliable water supply, Emerson has introduced its EasyHeat® In-Pipe Self-regulating Heating System that provides economical, reliable in-pipe freeze protection for PE and metallic supply lines. With user-friendly plug-in installation and energy-saving thermostat control, the system is ideal for preventing ice from forming inside 3/4-inch to 6-inch diameter water lines in temperatures down to -40°F (-40° C).

The system is also extremely economical, costing a fraction of the price of an alternative heating system or letting water trickle all winter long. In addition, the ability to use with an insulated pipe means less energy is required for operation.

Safety is a hallmark for Emerson. Which is why the new in-pipe heating system is CSA Certified for potable and process water. It also features a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter with test and reset buttons to ensure electrical safety. And because it is self-regulating, it automatically adjusts heat according to surrounding temperatures and minimizes hot spots, allowing the cable to be overlapped.

When the temperature falls, the In-Pipe Self-regulating Heating System is the best choice for protecting supply pipes from freezing and maintaining running water all winter long. It also can be used to protect drain lines, vent pipes and sump pump lines.

Included in the system is a GFCI, 6′ power cord, shrink tubes and crimp connectors, 6′ pull cord and 3/4-inch NPT thread fitting. The system is designed for use with EasyHeat SR and TSR heating cables and the EasyHeat SL-3 thermostat controller. Maximum cable length is 220′ using SR cable, and 275′ with TSR cable. EasyHeat’s energy-saving SL-3 thermostat features a 10′ sensor that detects pipe temperature and energizes the cable as required.

For more information visit Emerson.com.

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