Extech HD videoscope plumbing kit

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Extech Instruments announced the launch of a new high definition wireless videoscope inspection camera kit designed for plumbing professionals. The rugged industrial-duty videoscope (HDV650-30G) comes equipped with a 30m fiberglass cable to quickly inspect and troubleshoot plumbing problems on long pipe runs with sharp, clear images and video.

To aid customers with responsive, expedited repairs, plumbers can use the Extech HDV650-30G to inspect past P-traps, 90 degree turns, drains, long pipe runs, storage tanks, standpipes, sewers, cisterns, vent stacks and other piping components. Now, extraordinary inspection capabilities, not previously available except from premium videoscopes, are within reach for small and large plumbing and pipe-fitting businesses.

As part of Extech’s award-winning HDV family, the HDV650-30G features a drop-proof and waterproof (IP67) display, making it ideal for dry or wet plumbing conditions. The large 5.3” (13.5cm) LCD screen has sharp 640×480 pixel resolution and is easy to view in outdoors or at poorly lit areas of a customer site. A durable 25mm camera head (IP57 waterproof) with bright 12-LED illumination and a 60° field of view/ long depth of field is ideal for inspecting concealed conditions in piping and is robust enough to dislodge minor clogs. The videoscope’s SD card can store more than 15,000 images or up to 4 hours of video plus voice annotations.

To expand the Extech videoscope’s versatility, the available HDV650W-30G kit also includes a wireless transmitter handset that allows users to position the display separately from the cable spool, up to 30m (100 ft) apart, simplifying inspections of difficult-to-access pipe runs. The wireless connectivity makes it easy for a technician to take the display around a site while the probe is still in use. Video and images can be transferred easily to a PC via the SD card (included) or USB output. For added versatility, AV outputs allow images and video to be viewed directly on an external monitor.

The HDV650-30G kit is backed by Extech with a one-year warranty and comes complete with videoscope, 25mm camera probe, 30m cable, SD memory card, 3.7V rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, patch cable, Universal AC adapter (110-240V, four plugs), USB and AV cables, and hard carrying case. The HDV650W-30G also includes a wireless handset.

Learn more by visiting http://www.extech.com/HDV650-30G.

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