Fieldpiece Instruments Launches New Combustion Analyzer Models

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New Heating Test Tools Establish Industry Gold Standard for Diagnosing Furnace Safety and Fuel-Efficiency

Fieldpiece Instruments, the leading manufacturer of professional-grade tools for HVACR pros by HVACR pros, today announced the launch of two new combustion analyzer models, with compatible printers sold separately or bundled together. The new Fieldpiece Combustion Analyzers, CAT85 and CAT45, enable HVACR professionals to assess heating system emissions, draft pressure, and temperatures to support the overall fuel-efficiency and safety of furnaces. These new combustion analyzer models make analysis easier and more effective with a large touchscreen display interface delivering effortless readings, new sensor technology that maximizes uptime on the jobsite, a convenient rechargeable battery, and industry-leading  wireless range when used with the Job Link® System App.

Optimizing combustion can lower energy consumption and costs and is critical to preventing pollution risks to humans and the environment,” said Jeb Ball, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fieldpiece Instruments. We developed the CAT85 and CAT45 to improve combustion analysis through optimized thermal processes in order to elevate the technician experience and reduce emissions. We are proud to add these new combustion analyzers to our full range of professional-grade HVACR tools to improve how technicians assess and monitor combustion data during installation, maintenance and repairs.”

Starting with a convenient one-touch On-button with immediate analysis readily available from the onset, these tools are intuitive, user-friendly and make data simple to scan quickly. Techs appreciate the clear view of all information on a single screen, the easy-to-navigate touchscreen display design and simple user-interface.

The CAT85 and CAT45 both feature Fieldpiece patent pending SensorVault™ technology that offers lower cost of ownership. This patent pending feature extends sensor life by sealing the sensors from oxygen in the air during storage. These sensors are warrantied for four years and are field replaceable – meaning maximum uptime on the jobsite.

Featuring a thick over-molded construction, a long flexible hose/cord and a padded carrying case, the combustion analyzers are designed to handle the rigors of any job site. They measure O2, CO, CO2, flue temperature, airtemperature and draft/gas pressureto ensure combustion safety and efficiency. Plus, the CAT85 and CAT45 come with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to seven hours and enable charges in trucks between jobs and overnight. Compatibility with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App featuring its industry leading 1000-foot wireless range, means techs can view trends, draft pressure, and customer details seamlessly and conveniently.

On the commercial and residential side, the CAT85 features a built-in manometer, meaning one less tool to carry to the job; and live draft pressure that lets technicians troubleshoot while running system analysis.

The CAT85 automatically separates and returns accumulated water to the flue using the patent pending HydroCycle™ Pump technology that saves time.

In addition to the two new combustion analyzer models, CAT85 and CAT45, Fieldpiece has also launched compatible printer model options including the Combustion Analyzer HC with Wireless Printer, CAT85K2; Combustion Analyzer with Wireless Printer, CAT45K2; and the stand-alone Wireless Printer, CATPR.

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