First Steps if Your Business Suffers A Plumbing Issue?

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Most people reading the title of this post would no doubt answer its proposed question with, “well, hire emergency plumbers,” and they’d be completely right. This is step one in the process of resolving a fault, and many of these firms can call out immediately to rectify the issue or help you limit the damage before they arrive; such as by turning off the water mains so leaks don’t spread too far.

That said, plumbing issues may not always simply require a quick fix to solve. In some circumstances, an issue like this can need weeks of renovation and repair in order to not only resolve the issue, but to ensure it won’t happen again. It’s always best to implement a direct solution now, no matter how long that takes, than to integrate patchwork fixes that only delay the inevitable.

But what exactly should you do if your business premises suffer a plumbing issue? In this post, we hope to discuss that, as well as how to manage your staff appropriately during this time:

Immediate Callout

Of course, ensuring that the chance for an immediate callout is one you can rely on makes a big difference. This may be the difference between a leak causing some damage or a lot of damage. They will be able to advise how to properly implement fixes in the right way; such as by renovating the plumbing network, replacing fixtures, or assessing the cause of damage. In the long run, these services are worth paying long-form maintenance subscription charges for, because they can save you thousands in recuperative costs after the fact.

Alternate Arrangements

It’s also important to make alternate arrangements as and when you can do so, especially if you have staff to manage. Portable toilets will provide a worthwhile method of giving staff somewhere to capably and hygienically retire when needed. It may also mean that events and other important calendar events can go ahead despite the difficulties with plumbing and the week-long fixes they require. Alternatively, it might be worth simply sending certain staff members home for the time being as you may not have the required about of legal restrooms necessary for them, luckily hybrid and remote working can make a big difference here.

Fencing Off Problem Areas

Of course, safety is paramount. A singular plumbing problem of sufficient difficulty can sometimes leave the overall structural soundness of an area incompatible with adequate risk management, which means that fencing off problem areas is key. Positioning signs to showcase where work will be carried out and which alternative routes exist can help those in your building more easily commit to their daily tasks without too much interruption. Plumbing professionals will be able to help you properly chart what space they need, how disruptive their work will be, and how long they estimate the project will take.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to thrive even if your business premises does suffer a plumbing issue going forward. In the long run, this will make a positive difference.

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