FloWater Working with Plumbing Contractors to Install ‘Touchless’ Self-Sanitizing Water Refill Stations in America’s Buildings

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CDC Guidelines Call for Eliminating “High-touch Communal Items, such as Shared Water Fountains, as Schools, Offices and Gyms Reopen with Heightened Health and Safety Awareness

With the CDC recommending that schools and workplaces minimize the use and touching of water fountains or consider installing no-touch alternatives, FloWater announces the availability of foot pedal technology for the plumbing and water hardware industries for its already self-sanitizing FloWater Refill Stations, making them fully ‘touchless.’

Identified by the federal government as “essential critical infrastructure workers” during the Covid-19 crisis, plumbing contractors are at the forefront of ‘reopening’ America with safe drinking water.

In addition to being ‘touchless’ and fully self-sanitizing, the FloWater Advanced Osmosis water purification technology removes up to 99.99 % of all toxins and contaminants in water, including viruses, bacteria, heavy metals like lead and arsenic, chemicals, and microplastics. Now, with the availability of ‘touchless’ foot pedal activation devices, FloWater Refill Stations also eliminate the risk of communal surface cross-contamination of COVID, while building management the time and expense of having their custodial staffs continually wiping down water fountain surfaces.

FloWater Refill Stations are free-standing and easy to install, connecting to any potable water line within 10 feet, meaning that most buildings can simply replace their old water fountains in the same location.

“Before COVID, we were seeing a high demand as building management looked to eliminate plastic waste. Now, as America ‘reopens’ and plans for a safer future, ‘touchless’ FloWater Refill Stations will play an essential role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria in our offices, schools, gyms, hospitals and other buildings,” according to FloWater CEO and Co-Founder, Rich Razgaitis.

FloWater Refill Stations have an award-winning design and advanced technology that includes:

  • Advanced Osmosis water purification with pores of approximately 0.0005 microns in size, much smaller than viruses and bacteria (which generally are anywhere from .02 to 1.0 microns in size). Removes up to 99.99% of all toxins and contaminants in water, including viruses, bacteria, heavy metals like lead and arsenic, chemicals, and microplastics.
  • Ozone-generating devices that disperses consistently throughout the day. Ozone is one of the most potent sanitization mechanisms available and is destructive to bacteria and viruses.
  • ‘Touchless’ activation foot pedals for a completely hands-free experience.
  • A large fill area with a fully recessed dispensing nozzle with no bottle contact, eliminating potential cross-contamination from bottle to bottle.

The FloWater technology also alkalizes and oxygenates the water and adds electrolytes for better hydration. A carbon coconut filter ‘finishes’ the chilled water for a great taste.

More information on FloWater’s ‘Touchless’ solution can be found at www.drinkflowater.com.

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