Forrest Anderson Donates Gas System to Continuing Education Organization

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When Forrest Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. (Forrest Anderson), a family-owned business in the Phoenix area since 1961, was asked to remove a medical gas system from a commercial building, they chose to donate it to P.I.P.E industries for training purposes. Highlighting their commitment to training and development, the company’s donation will help future industry experts learn how to manage similar situations and contracts.

Carl Triphahn, Director of P.I.P.E. (L) accepts the medical gas system training donation from Dennis Correll of Forrest Anderson Plumbing and AC (R)

Forrest Anderson was contracted to remove an oxygen gas manifold from a commercial property as the new owners were not allowed to use it. Upon removing the box, piping, thermostats, and pressure gauges, the team mounted it on a 4×8 piece of plywood to be used by P.I.P.E industries for their medical gas piping classes.

“When I went through the training, they didn’t always have these components on hand,” explained Mark Stevens of Forrest Anderson. “They would just pull pieces out of a box, so newer technicians might not understand how it was installed. By donating it this way, we hope it helps people across the industry who are brought on for similar projects.”

While removing the system would not require additional qualifications, installation could only be done by technicians with specific training. The team from Forrest Anderson was able to remove the medical gas system within a few hours, mounting it onto the board off-site.

“We are committed to supporting the plumbing and HVAC industry through training and development,” said Audrey Monell, CEO of Forrest Anderson. “This is an exciting industry with numerous opportunities for career development once individuals are trained and experienced. To continue to attract smart and ambitious people to the industry, we hope to support their education with donations like this medical gas system.”

The Piping Industry Progress and Education Trust Fund (P.I.P.E.) is a non-profit 501-C5 established in 1954. P.I.P.E. supports training programs for apprentice and journeyman crafts people to provide participating contractors with thoroughly competent workers. All P.I.P.E. certified journeymen undergo a five-year apprenticeship program to become fully trained in all aspects of the plumbing, pipefitting, and air conditioning industry.

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