Functional Restrooms Year-Round

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It’s often the more humble spaces and fixtures that we all take for granted which make the most difference in our long-term comfort and day-to-day productivity. For instance, most of us take our bathrooms for granted, but to be without one for a week would be completely unacceptable.

This is why more companies are renovating their business premises and offices so that staff toilets are fully functional, can service many departments, as well as ensuring the need for maintenance is reduced to an acceptable degree.

Keeping staff toilets functional year-round does not happen in a vacuum. With the amount of footfall traffic toilets will encounter each year; it’s important to make certain that all of your functional requirements are up to speed. Furthermore, the Covid pandemic gave companies a new focus when planning out their closed spaces, as hygiene, function and design are three sides of the essential triangle of priorities that help these spaces shine in utility.

With that in mind, let’s consider how to improve the maintenance and setup of staff toilets; which can be exceptionally useful when generating new spaces in kind:

Plumbing Inspections

The best plumbing company can schedule regular inspections of your plumbing network and will be able to advise and call out to specific jobs and tasks where necessary. If encountering a leak, if fitting new toilets, or if needing to resolve damage within that space, then it’s important to take out a maintenance contract with a given firm in order to make sure that these needs taken care of immediately. Resolve problems before they occur, and you’ll save money, time and stress.


There’s a legal requirement to have a certain number of restaurants per the amount of staff or guests within a business premises. From 1-5 staff members you only require 1 toilet, while 76-100 staff will require five restrooms with five washbasins. In men’s toilets, the urinals should match the number of toilets integrated. It’s also important to make sure privacy is properly aligned in these spaces, and that ventilation is taken care of so that these spaces are fresh, light, and hygienic. More on that below:

Hygienic Fixtures

Hygiene is the name of the game when it comes to ensuring restroom function; and there are many ways we can invest in this. “Urinal cakes” can control bacteria and reduce smell, while non-touch functions can be installed by a worthwhile contractor like motion-sensitive flushes, tap fixtures and hand dryers. These investments can ensure that hygiene is always kept up with, and we saw that companies which did have these implements installed already did see Covid spread throughout their teams with less ease and rapidity. As such, keeping staff restrooms functional means not only providing a space for their private affairs, but to keep them happy, hygienic, safe, and well-catered to. This is just one element of wider staff satisfaction, but perhaps the most noticeable in terms of the upgrades you can make and the crucial aspect of its maintenance.

With this advice, you’re certain to keep staff restrooms functional year-round in the best possible sense. 

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