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Geberit in-wall installation systems for lavatories, bidets and urinals join Geberit in-wall systems for wall-hung toilets to contemporize bathroom design. Pair any Geberit system with a matching wall-hung fixture to offer your clients the ultimate in bathroom luxury and functionality. Each in-wall system accentuates the aesthetics and clean lines of wall-hung fixtures with the added benefit of being height-adjustable for customizable accessibility.

“Designers and architects can now create a complete ‘off-the-floor’ look not only for toilets, but for lavatories, bidets and urinals. We’ve taken into consideration the style-conscious requirements of architects and designers plus the need for fast installation and easy maintenance by installers,” says John Fitzgerald, director of marketing, Geberit North America.

Geberit barrier-free systems for wall-hung lavatories are height-adjustable to meet accessibility requirements and adapt perfectly to any bathroom layout, accommodating wall-hung lavatory designs by major manufacturers. Geberit systems for bidets ensure safe and reliable operation and are offered in two different frame heights to accommodate a variety of installations and weights up to 880 lbs. Geberit wall-hung urinal systems are designed for homeowners and built to withstand the rigors of semi-public restrooms while remaining highly reliable in operation and easy to service.

Geberit in-wall systems for toilets, bidets and urinals, combined with designer flush plates, create the ultimate in bathroom luxury and water savings.

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