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Geberit’s new award winning Sigma70 dual-flush actuators feature smooth, seamless surfaces and rimless design that seems to float on the wall. Combining visual elegance with efficient operation, the Sigma70 can open up entirely new design possibilities for designers and architects by offering “the personal touch” in actuator design with an unlimited range of unique cover materials and designs.

To add or change the actuator cover, simply affix a rigid backer or material to the mounting bracket, tape and compress. The seamless Sigma70s are also available in easily-cleaned stainless steel and glass finishes.

Geberit’s ingenious smooth pneumatic actuator with “light touch” operation is supported by a servo lifter that acts like a rocker switch: touch on the left side to flush solids and on the right to flush liquids. Pneumatic-assist activation means the water-saving dual-flush Sigma70 operates with the lightest pressure. The corresponding Geberit system is available for 2×4 and 2×6 installations.

“We’re proud to have the Sigma70 chosen as an award winner by iF-product design award and Design Plus,” says Peter Christofferson, Marketing Services Manager for Geberit.

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