General Pipe Cleaners DRZ machine

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Light and powerful for a machine of its size, the DRZ is ideal for clearing clogged sinks, tubs, and laundry drains in 1-1/4″ to 3″ drain lines up to 50 ft. long.

The variable speed power cable feed on the DRZ-PH gives you complete control as it feeds and retrieves the cable at up to 16 ft per minute. The four foot guide tube means you never have to touch the cable so your hands, and the jobsite, stay clean.

drz machine

Operate the machine horizontally on the kitchen counter or vertically on the floor next to the tub. The silent motor won’t disturb your customers while on the job. Use the pneumatic pedal to keep your hands free to control the feed and guide hose.

The rust resistant aluminum drum carries up to 50′ of 1/4″ or 5/16″, or 35′ of 3/8″ Flexicore® wire rope center cable. A quick-change cartridge system allows you to switch to a different diameter cable without pulling the old cable out of the drum.

Weighing as little as 30 lbs. the lightweight machine is easy to handle. Use the carrying handle on top to carry to and from the job.

General Pipe Cleaners DRZ Mechanical Hub

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