General Tools IR Thermometer

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With its exceptionally broad measurement range of -40° to 1076°F (-40° to 580°C), the new 12:1 Wide Range Infrared Thermometer (IRT657) from General Tools & Instruments (General®) is perfect for testing and troubleshooting HVACR systems and components. It also has a host of electrical, MRO, automotive, home inspection and other applications.
This precision point-and-shoot, gun-style infrared thermometer accurately and easily measures surface temperatures—including hot, cold or inaccessible equipment—from a safe distance. With regard to HVACR applications, the IRT657 is ideal for:
• Monitoring food processing and storage temperatures
• Checking heating, AC and refrigeration system components
• Taking the temperature of forced hot air supply and return vents
• Testing chillers, steam traps and heat exchangers
• Energy auditing

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