A Glass Case as Tough as Contractors Are

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When you’re on the job, you want your Oakley sunglasses to be handy — and you want them to be safe. Checking blueprints or scrutinizing permit paperwork? Better have those reading glasses somewhere you can find them!

Construction sites are hard on anything delicate or fragile — especially prescription lenses. We’ve all lost a pair of glasses from a shirt pocket when we leaned over just a bit too far… Or ground our teeth in frustration when a pair of really nice frames gets snagged and pulled apart. And lost? We believe every new building in the country sits on a foundation of misplaced tools, missing paperwork, and lost glasses.

According to the Vision Council of America, about 64% of adults wear prescription eyeglasses. According to informal polls, 100% of them have lost at least one pair. When you’re on the job, lost lenses can be more than just an inconvenience. Many construction professionals we’ve spoken to routinely carry at least two pairs of prescription eyeglasses — because they fully expect to lose one.

Inventor F. Thomas Godart realized the scope of this problem personally while working on new construction sites in South Florida. After the eighth or ninth pair of glasses fell out of his pocket, or off his shirt, or slipped off his head and vanished for all time, he’d had enough. He wanted to offer the world an answer, not just for lost eyeglasses, but also to protect against scratches and breaks.

After years of studying commercially-available glasses cases and testing them to destruction, Tom engineered the perfect solution to keep his glasses where they belonged. He added integrated BlueTooth technology and a GPS locator beacon for an additional level of security. He hasn’t managed to lose a single pair of glasses since.

After several years of real-world stress testing, Godart’s invention is ready to solve the lost-and-damaged-eyeglasses problem so many of us face.

He calls it EyeCarry.

EyeCarry is much more than an eyeglasses case — it’s a portable bodyguard for your prescription lenses that calls for help if you try to lose them. The integrated Gator Clip stays attached to your belt even after a fall off a roof (fortunately, the roofer only had minor bruises). EyeCarry pings your smartphone via BlueTooth if you get more than 100 feet away, like when you get an important call and start to drive off the work site.


  • Bluetooth-enabled case pings your phone if you’re more than 100 feet (30 m) away
  • Gator Clip clasps your belt or purse strap and keeps EyeCarry secure
  • GPS-powered find-my-glasses feature saves time and headaches
  • Rugged yet refined, stylish enough for the boardroom
  • Nearly universal fit (suitable for most styles worn today)

Just think how much more work you’ll get done knowing you’ll never misplace or lose your glasses. You’ll never have to squint at a contract or a work order without being able to see clearly. You won’t waste half an hour you really don’t have digging through tool belts or searching the floorboards of your vehicle for a pair of wayward glasses. You won’t walk past another slapdash installation job without noticing — not when EyeCarry’s at your side.

EyeCarry is available in a rainbow of colors chosen to blend in with your gear:

  • Caviar
  • Saddle
  • Sapphire
  • Slate
  • Praline


Save your glasses (and your sanity) for a fraction of the price of a trip to the optometrist. Check out www.eyecarry.com today! Stop looking. Start seeing.


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