Godin family of seven gifted well upgrades for clean water access through Hometown H2O initiative

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Xylem partners with Chris Long Foundation and Water Well Trust to solve water scarcity in rural Pennsylvania

A recent donation provided Jamey and Brandy Godin, along with their five children, who live in Stoystown, Pennsylvania, a water well upgrade,
securing their access to safe and reliable water. This collaborative project, completed by Xylem Inc., the Water Well Trust (WWT) and Waterboys – a charity founded by two-time Super Bowl Champion, Chris Long – provided a comprehensive upgrade including a new water well liner, pump, motor and deepening of the well, along with all necessary equipment, drilling and
installation. Additionally, the project provided home improvement upgrades. Local distributor Aquaflow Pump and Supply and dealer Sperry Drilling contributed their time and services and the Vinyl Institute donated PVC piping material to help complete the project.

“As a well driller, our company has witnessed the impact of water scarcity firsthand, and we believe everyone deserves sufficient water access. With 56 years of experience, our team at Sperry Drilling prioritizes homeowners and their water needs, both on and off the job,” said Judy Bird, president, Sperry Drilling. “For us, it’s about giving back to our community and supporting
those in need.”

In November 2023, the Godin family’s water well stopped producing sufficient clean water due to a drought on their property, compounded by a statewide drought watch in Pennsylvania starting in July 2023. The Godin’s well was showing signs of structural caving, requiring the installation of a well liner and drilling down another 100 feet to secure a reliable water source. While the well sporadically produced a small amount of water, it was not enough to sustain the
family’s basic needs and forced them to seek alternatives, including showering and laundering clothes elsewhere. The Godins resorted to driving 50 miles roundtrip to collect water from friends and family, which lasted only three days at most for drinking and hygiene.

“The support we’ve received from Xylem and the Water Well Trust throughout this process has been overwhelming. Having water and making sure we don’t have to go without it is truly a blessing,” said Water Well Trust beneficiary Jamey Godin. “This upgrade to our well means we now have a reliable source of water for our family to depend on.” The Godin family’s well upgrade marks the sixteenth Hometown H2O project, an extension of its domestic water initiative working alongside WWT and Xylem to provide clean, sustainable water
to communities in need. Water scarcity issues currently leave more than 2 million Americans without access to clean water, making this joint effort between Long, his Foundation’s Waterboys initiative and Xylem a vital resource for families across the country.

“Clean water access is fundamental to well-being, and at Xylem, we’re proud to play a role in initiatives like HometownH2O.” said Susan O’Grady, senior director of marketing, building services and agriculture, Xylem. “Our partnership with organizations like the Water Well Trust and Waterboys allows us to leverage our expertise and technology to bring sustainable water
solutions to families in need making a meaningful impact on communities facing water scarcity.”

Xylem, in conjunction with its Goulds Water Technology brand, is engaged in regular water well initiatives to provide secure water access to rural areas, striving to increase public awareness of the challenges surrounding lack of water access. For more information about Hometown H2O projects, visit waterboys.org/hometown.

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